My mind is pretty occupied with a lot of things lately.  I was so happy for the entire week, I didn’t know it will end up this way.  Arrggh, I need to divert this sadness, this temporary depression.  Even though King is so far away, he is always ready to listen to all my rantings, good thing, he always makes me smile despite everything.  Right now, he is working so hard for next year, we have lots of plans and I hope everything will be in the right place.

Our plans involves about him moving to Bangkok, starting a new life here, he is pretty excited and I know he is working hard to start a new beginning with me.  I just can’t wait for April 2010 to come, I am itching my way to spend time with our friends before flying back here.  I love Bangkok, I love to stay here for a longer period of time, no hassles, it’s a new life here.  My Christian group is so supportive about my decision and my landlady became my second mother is so excited to see me and King together.  She likes King a lot for me, she said that unlike any other Thai guy, King has a pure heart and she was able to see how much he loves me even though they were able to talk for such a short time.   I know in time, everything will fall into place.  Thinking about our plans take all my sadness and depression away.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “DIVERSION!!!!”

  1. Hi Sweet! Sana maging ok na lahat in time.. Well yaan mo na lang muna parents mo just prove to them na lang na your relationship with King will withstand anything and you are happiest with him despite him not being the richest person in the world. Wag mo na lang masyado isipin at least hindi naman sa inyong 2 ung problem but the people around you lang.. Smile malapit na magpasko=) Merry Christmas!=)

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words…I already prayed for it na…and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon…

      thank you so much and may god bless you and your family this holiday season…

      merry christmas… 🙂

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