Cheating Session Manny and Tiger

With all the Manny and Tiger cheating issues, I’ve been bombarded with questions in my mind.  If you really have the power and money as a guy, does that mean you have the sole right to cheat because you can afford to do so?  Or because girls are just attracted to your money.  I am not saying that all those girls who tried to be with a married or a guy who is currently in a relationship is a gold digger.  I know for some there will be an exception if the feelings is mutual and if it just happens that you fell in love at a wrong time.

I am not perfect and I am not saying that I never cheated before, I am not also saying that my guy never cheated on me. I guess all guys were able to experience a fling or maybe worst a sexual relationship with someone besides their girlfriends or wife.  As a person with a terrible trust issue I need to say that I should, for once needs to be a man hater but why am I sticking with my hubby though he cheated on me.  A person cheats on a relationship if one or the two of you doesn’t get along anymore.  As I always read chick mags and watch chick flicks, there is one tip I always do.  That is writing down all the wonderful things my guy did for our relationship in a piece of paper and at the back write the bad ones.  After that I will try very hard to admit all the bad things I’ve done on a piece of paper and write the good stuff.  The question is, why am I starting with the bad side, admit it or not, we girls doesn’t want to admit that we are wrong in a relationship, it’s just sometimes we try so hard to blame it on our boyfriends or husbands.  I am not saying that guys are always right as well.  It takes two to tango and it takes two person to work in a relationship.

I am saying this because I’ve been in a situation where I was wrong and as much as I try so hard to believe that I was right, I always end up realizing that partly I was at fault.  Men have human egos while women have their own selfish pride.  I can’t blame my hubby to doubt me when we started our relationship 8 years ago.  We were friends back then and he knows how I handle my relationship with all guys and my previous partners.  And of course, even when we were officially a couple, I was busted flirting with another guy and opening the fact that I can have another relationship besides him.  To tell you honestly, each of us has our own cheating experience, but then we deserve a second chance to change.  I deserved the chance my guy gave me and he deserved the chance as well.  But if we are going to talk about rampant sexual and intimate cheating issues like Manny and Tiger, that is beyond the line already.

I am still a believer of once a cheater, always a cheater.  Coz if it’s the second time around already, please trust your instincts and go bail out in the relationship.  For married couples?  Work it out, talk to your husband or wife.  I usually pity the kids who are involve in the family, it really is hard to grow up in a broken family.  But believe it or not it’s even worst growing in a family with a cheating father, seeing your mom crying all the time makes your heart torn apart and in the end, you will have a lot of trust issues involve.

So I can’t really sum up everything here, I hate Manny and Krista, I even hate Tiger Woods plus his 10 other or even more girls involve in this scandal.  And lastly, I hate it if guys tell you the lamest excuse in cheating.  If they say “I am a man, I have wants and needs”  that is complete bullsh*t. Seriously if he just needs someone to f*ck him that is without a doubt a serious asshole but if he had feelings for someone because he had no one to share his problems with, I guess you can actually do something with it.  We are born human beings, we never get satisfied with one thing we always try to ask for more.  I hope we realize that in the end, we still have to go back to the one person who truly loves and understands us with all the flaws.  So examine yourself, contemplate, if you are cheating right now try to think and weigh things out.  Stop it right now before anyone gets terribly hurt.  Happy Wednesday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Cheating Session Manny and Tiger”

  1. Hi sweet! ganda ng mga pics mo..=) I like the parol pics too! Kaloka ung kay TIger parang every city he went e meron siyang nakakahook-up but at least he has the balls to admit it. Etong si Manny todo deny kahit na halatang halata naman na asar na si Jinky sa kanya.. PEro ang pinakahate ko e si KRISTA! feeling ko pineperahan lang niya si Money hahah.. At unang una hindi siya kagandahan diba?!

    1. Thank you Mads, I miss taking pictures na….super busy kasi sa school eh…

      Talaga I hate Manny na tuloy kasi, pa deny2x effect pa…hello obvious na obvious noh??? and Krista bwhahahah ever since, hindi ko sya type….hinde sya maganda or watsoever, parang flop namna lahat mga shows nya at mag covers nya except if naghuhubad sya kasi for the boys…mukhang pera talaga ewww….pramis she doesnt look good talaga!!!! Hahahaha and Tiger is really a cheetah natatawa tuloy ako sa kanya….

      TEAM JINKEE forever….grabeh I am so proud of her kasi she handles the situation well…

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