A blessing!

I went out with my landlady to attend a christian fellowship around Bangna.  I woke up early morning and planned to wash my clothes but I was able to doze off again and was able to wake up one hour before 9am.  So I rushed to take a shower.  I still have enough time to drop by at McDonalds for some hot chocolate and hash brown.

When my landlady picked me up, we talked about everything under the sun, when we arrived at the hotel, I was surprise to see most christians who attended the fellowship where tourist.  I sang and praise with them and was able to see an Illusion Show.  It was the fellowships special show for kids.  It was not all about magic but Harris III made it special by talking about God and presenting his presence in his magic.

It was a wonderful program after the event my landlady and I went out with her mom to eat some authentic Thai cuisine.  Aww thank you lord for a wonderful day.  Got some good news from my mom, I guess I will be home for Christmas, not yet sure but maybe whehehhe!


4 thoughts on “A blessing!”

    1. Yes, I am getting the hang of it already, but since Christmas is fast approaching I need to divert my attention to more activities hahahah! I just need to be strong for myself, a few more months and I will back in Cebu for my vacation…excited… thank you for dropping by!

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