Birthday BLOG!


Last year was a roller coaster ride, I guess being 23 has it’s sweetest and bitter downfalls.  I lost a lot of friends which I thought were REAL, I was so stupid to hallucinate the never ending friendship but along the way I found new and hard to find friends.  Some of my friends stayed and some just bailed out.  I had a rough start for 2009, the closing of my business which was the hardest part for me.  But I moved on and a lot of blessings came along the way.  Bought a new car (Freddy), experienced the greatness of life and the love that I had taken care of, for 8 years was again tested in time.  Decisions were made, and that includes my moving to Bangkok and leaving my fairy tale life in Cebu.

I learned to be independent and yes!  I did mature in a way that I am more responsible for myself, alone in a foreign land.  Time flies so fast, I hardly noticed it.  I hate getting older every year but if this means getting another year full of free and inexpensive rides full with crappy downfalls plus unlimited tears, I would still love and embrace it.  It simply means I am still a person who gets the normal wearies, fulfillment and crappy headaches in life.  I hate turning 24, that means I have to get started in planning about having my own “dakmats” I am nearing my 30’s oh please!  But yeah, I still have loads of things to prepare for the upcoming years.  Happy Birthday to me!!!  Blowing my candles with love and sadness.  Love you all.


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