Sorry for being inactive lately. I’ve been basking my ass off at Phuket.  Yes you heard it right.  I am currently in Phuket right now.  Getting my vacation and of course doing some minor work while I am here.  I will not blog about Phuket yet, since I am not yet ready to upload my photos.  Don’t worry I saved it in my laptop already so no, errors or even bad CF cards.  It is safe hahahha!  and I have tons of photos to post process and put in one page, so that my page will not be loaded with images.  Anyway!  I just want to share with you what my dad bought for me while he was in Rome.  Damn I envy him, he got me a black jacket that looks like a leather one, but he said that it’s not leather.  He send me the photo since I requested him to take a photo of it and I fell in love with it directly.  He hasn’t bought my LV bag yet since, he was not able to see the designs that I wanted.  I super love my dad.  So here is the photo of the jacke, isn’t it cool.  Got to go guys, I still have to party tonight.  No seriously I am just joking, need to sleep early I was super tired from our surfing sessions.  Good Day have a wonderful week guys!


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