Hello there guys!   Sorry again for not updating that much, no outfit post lately.  I’ve been busy with school works and just being lazy around the office.  Seriously I was sick, got the flu but I am dealing with it now, hopefully by tomorrow I will feel better.  I have been drowning myself with work, projects, curriculums and yes! love life!

cambodia (10)

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So here is my super outdated Cambodia trip.  Sad to say I only recovered 20 pictures out from the 200 pictures I took.  I am so sad.  I can’t find the perfect software to recover my lost pictures.  Again Kingston CF card sucks! BOO!

So Cambodia is a kingdom obviously, when I arrived there, I felt like I was going back in time.  All the temples, the ruins are amazing.  I did took an outfit post but I was a bit shy since most of the tourist who went there are in groups or as a couple.  I guess I was the only brave soul who traveled Cambodia alone.  So most of my pictures were in self-timer mode.

cambodia (14)

cambodia (15)

It’s like going back to the Khmer Empire, of course I did not listen to our tourist guide since most of my reactions were wow! nice! sh*t! amazing! awww!!!  Trying to relive each moment as I pass each structure.  That’s what a girl got to do.  I want to live their and of course changed into my magical costume.  Everything is just too good to be true.  It’s like heaven, a new paradise.

For me Angkor Wat is one of the most beautiful and facinated place in the world.  Angkor Wat has become one of the most visited places in Southeast Asia.  Stepping into Cambodia is just normal, seeing the crowd that looks like thai/pinoys.  The city is just simple as Laos, but going to Siam Reap where we headed first since it is the closest place to Angkor Wat, it changed my entire perspective, it made me crave for more.

cambodia (4)

cambodia (7)


I really wanted to go back there but of course, with a partner or a friend.    And yes I have learned my lesson, always take photos with two CF cards.  After our one day tour.  I headed off to the guesthouse where we stayed and doze off.  Good thing my mobile internet works perfectly in Cambodia, so I was able to update my twitter and facebook accounts.  The next day we headed off to the casino.  Almost everyone in our group played except for me.  It’s not really my type, I would rather save my money rather than playing and losing.  I am not really lucky when it comes to gambling.

cambodia (2)

star 4



star 3

We went to Star Vegas Hotel, bad thing was when they saw my camera they immediately warned me not to take photos.  Like what’s the big deal? Duh? As if?  Well, good thing I was able to secretly capture their sacred structure before they caught me flashing my camera.  So I made an excuse in using my mobile phone.  Actually it seems that I was taking a call while using it, but I was really taking pictures.  What a clever way to take pictures.  I was at awe with their interior, it was like I was inside a planetarium with lots of stars.

I headed back to the van and got all my luggage, they are off to another destination as for me, I ended up at Star Vegas until another van picked me up for Bangkok.  I had to go back to Bangkok since I still have to report to school the next day.  Trust me, if you are going to go to Cambodia, 2 days is not enough.  Stay there for a week, to discover more about their empire.  It was a dream come true.  I still wanted to travel to Greece but as of now my budget is for Asia only.  So Good night everyone until my next adventure!

(p.s. pictures were edited, though I was able to recover them but some of those wonderful pictures were cropped so that the ugly not well recovered part will not be seen…)


3 thoughts on “Cambodia”

  1. hello! I’m the one of khmer people… I’m very happy to saw you think khmer not bad people..you know i used to see thai people insulted khmer is jealous people…when i saw that i very angry …
    you are good thinker and didn’t look down country near your country… i hope you well in your life and safe in your trip..
    Vichet (Khmer pople) … you can reply me by my E-mail tsovichet@yahoo.com

  2. opp!!!! sorry i confused…hehe i thought you are thai? heh sorry…
    oh after Traveled in Cambodia, what country you have to go?

    1. Hi, thank you so much for taking time reading my blog. Cambodia is really amazing, I wanted to go back and explore more.

      I am staying at Thailand but I am planning to go and visit more Asian Countries.

      Thank you


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