WARNING!!! a week long post!

What I did for the past few days during the Ketsana/Ondoy Hiatus?

Aside from the fact that I went to Cambodia during my weekend, I also did a lot of things which I miss to blog and will be blogging all at once tonight.
morning 1
– After the retirement party last Friday, I prepared to pack for my Cambodia trip it was fun.  It was a surreal experience, I wish I had someone to share it with, it’s like going back in time.  A lot of interesting subject for photography.  How I wish I can ask the school to have my students conduct an excursion in Angkor.  Picture above shows my good morning look after the party, no shower yet.

morning 3

– The morning before I left for Cambodia, my landlady celebrated the birthday of one of her staff, she asked me to join them.  I ordered pizza and some white puff pie with chicken wings from Pizza Hut.  While my landlady prepared my favorite thai dish, “Patthay” and ordered another pizza, I was busy learning my thai language with the girls.  It was another pigging out session.  There were a lot of foods.  It was like retirement party part two.


– This week was such a lazy and boring week.  I am done making my students grades and I have nothing left to do but roam around the office and sleep.  I manage to go home early but sometimes, I prefer staying at school and just staring at the ceiling.  Seriously, I usually do is sign the attendance sheet, chit chat with my fellow foreign instructors, roam around the school and go home.  Last Thursday, I went home early, but luckily karma bite me in the ass.  Our bus was hit by a 10-wheeler truck, it was a big impact.  A pregnant passenger was rushed to the hospital because she suffered from severe contractions.  So what did I get for going home early?  A big bruise on my knee, during the impact I used my knee to balance myself and protect myself from falling down my seat, unfortunately my knee hit the railings and immediately it created a big violet bruise.  And until now it still hurts. 😦  My only remedy was to eat a triple choclate ice cream and after that I felt better as ever.  Chocolate drool!

groc 1

groc 2

groc 3
– And today, I went home early again but made a complete stop at the supermarket.  Checked on some fruits, veggies and yes some household items.  I was busy around taking photos of things I am buying hahahha!  I stopped at the liquior area and suprisingly they don’t have any rules in buying liquior unlike other stores.  I also ate tons of foods today.  Since I am heavily craving for a lot of stuff, blame it on my period, I started my lunch with a Chicken stew in yellow noodle, which was a healthy choice, but my tastebud wanted spicy.  I then ordered 4 spicy pork balls.  After eating my lunch, I crave for sweet things so I finished the entire ice cream left on the pack.  Within a few seconds, I crave for something salty, so I headed out and buy some pineapple and sprinkled it with a lot of salt.  Then after pigging out, I rest and lay on my favorite spot in the restaurant, the violet couch.  I ordered iced coffee to finish my pigging out session.  Swear to God, I will surely exercise tomorrow, I did weigh myself and I am guilty, I did gain weight.  I can’t believe that in just one day you can gain so much but you have to sacrifice a week of yummy consumption to loose what you gained for in a day. Arrrgghhh!

groc 4
–  I am also planning to buy a stretch mark cream, since I already loose weight some of the stretch marks in my ass are visible.  So its better to start applying it now than ignoring it and getting disgusted at yourself after a few years.  Seriously I’ve never been this conscious in my entire life, maybe because I don’t have anything in mind right now except for my camwhoring self and beautifying myself.

–  And yes, I did told you earlier…and I want to repeat it now!  The boyfriend is coming to Bangkok on the 17th whehehe!  I am so excited hahahaha!

Have a great Friday everyone?  Where are you headed tonight?  If there is a party in Bangkok don’t forget to give me a ring.  hahhahaha! but yeah seriously I am just joking I am not really a party goer.  Good night!


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