Sorry for not updating that much!

I am just not in the mood this past few days. I am actually disturbed, but I will get through this. Thank you for all your patience.

And one more thing, I am thanking the Lord God above, for giving such wonderful blessings. Despite of everything that is happening to me, he still showered me with his graces.


I was not able to hold back my emotions today. I cried while I was fuming with anger when one of my students pop an exploding sound when I passed by them. I know it was their intention to bully me around, but I had enough of them. They are actually pushing me to my limits and I was just not able to control my feelings. I feel sorry for them but they need to learn their lesson the hard way.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

** Is going to watch Amelie tonight and sleep early after wards.


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