Suan Luang Park

After a stressful week, I rewarded myself a relaxing trip.

I had my first tour around Bangkok alone. Boarded a public bus towards Seri Centre Mall for 8 baht, it took me around 20-30 minutes to arrive there, blame it on the bus stops and the traffic.



Walked from Seri Mall towards the park, I made a few stops though, I saw this gecko looking reptile, the Thai guy told me it was a dragon reptile thinggy and took a picture of the Chihuahuas sleeping with their shirts on, so cute! The place was like an array of pet shops and clinics for all animals.

I walked by choice, since I wanted to get some loads of exercise, it was quite far but it was pretty nice to look around Thai mansions around the area with gold paintings on their gates and doors.

Good thing a kind Thai guy told me to get inside the park by 5pm, so that there will be no admission for anyone, it was almost 5pm when I got there.

My jaw just dropped like hell, the scenery was amazing! Everything was really perfect, I immediately start taking photos of everything, the place was really divine.


It was my first time to visit a wonderful park like this. They also had a lake, a big lake and a king’s building in the middle of it. There was a small port on the side where you can rent a boat to paddle or kayak around the lake. It will just cost you 40 baht for 30 minutes, it was really fun and cool so I had to try one of those rides. It was a bit lonely for me, since I didn’t have someone to share the ride with but it was super super cool. Took a lot of pictures of me and the lake.




Continued strolling around the park and saw cute couples, and friends gathering around having picnics, it made me miss Cebu even more!

What amazes me is that, they even have this outdoor fitness area where all the high-tech fitness gadgets are displayed and you can use it for free. They have an aerobics session plus a maze (just like the ones you see in Harry Potter movies) it was really FUN!

I wasn’t able to explore the entire park though, only half of it, but I was able to take hundreds of photos. Will be back there soon with a couple of friends, I told Anna, Andrew and John if they are interested and looks like they wanted to go for walk.

One of the best recommendations I can give you when visiting Bangkok.


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