bangkok updates!



Sorry for being so lazy in updating this blog! I’ve been away for a day and of course, the pile of projects is driving me nuts!

Oh well, thank God it’s a weekend today, or else I am going to get crazy over and over again.

I had to do a lot of stuff, finishing my demo for peer teach, making picture cards, finish my laundry because I don’t want them to be piling up again, edit some old art photos and yes! exploring Bangkok.

I was a bit lazy this week, Anna and I just went down to this temple near our area, to see how it looks like.




It was fine, it was huge but it was deserted, I mean there were people but not much of a tourist attraction. The temples were locked, I guess we visited at a really really late time, plus I hate the dogs surrounding it, I love dogs, it’s just that Anna and I are not ready to get rabies from Thailand, no freaking way!

Just took a few shots, went to the market, bought some apples and a kilo of rambutan which I terribly miss from the Philippines.

And just went home right away!

I was not on a diet mode this week, it has been a stressful week, hope to endure the stress until the end of the month!

Toodles everyone!


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