Exploring Bangkok!

During my first visit here at Bangkok I never had the time to appreciate the culture and learning their language, not until now, that I have to bear with the fact that not all Thai people can speak and understand English.

My class just started today and I was able to learn some Thai words that would be very useful.

“Sabai dee Mai” means how are you?
“Phen yang rai bang?” means what’s up?

Learning Thai can be very confusing, especially when they have the same words but 5-10 meanings and it will just vary with the pronunciation.





Yesterday, Anna and I went out at around 7′ in the evening, she had to use the cafe across the street to email her dad. We went into a street where all foods were available and trust me it smells so good. If I haven’t eaten my dinner yet I should have eaten a lot of street foods. That made me miss larsians and the siomai in Tisa.


Oh well! I got a picture of a nice hair salon while walking towards the Mall in Ramkhamhaeng Road, it’s purplish and nice, I’m planning to cut my hair though SOON!

more exploration to come!

Anna and I are planning to ride a bus to Sumkhumvit Road and there, another destination to explore GOOD LUCK to us!


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