I left Cebu with a heavy heart, I will surely miss a bunch of wonderful people. I promised myself not to cry, even though I kept on holding back my tears. I bid farewell to my family, who supported me all the way, I will surely miss my two crazy brothers and my oh-over-protected mom.

After checking in with an excess baggage of 4 kilos which I have to pay Php 1,800 for it, damn it! I should have reminded myself that Cebu Pacific is not Philippine Airlines.

I went out to say goodbye to my favorite crazy people, King’s family. King was very silent, I don’t know if his sad or happy or what? But when I started to hug them, there was a big pinch in my heart, I will surely miss the fun, they made a great impact in my life for the past few days.


I talked to king inside the washroom and by listening to his voice, I can’t help but cry, I just can’t help but think, that I will be alone in another place. No more King to hug me and console me.

I will surely miss Cebu and it’s wonders.

I will be back soon, this is just temporary I swear!


2 thoughts on “GOODBYE CEBU!”

    1. hehehe..lageh temporary rani…mingaw nako sa cebu…hehehe!!!! pohon2x guadzz thank you ingatzzz…

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