the beginning…..


This all started when I was browsing the internet looking for wonderful ideas on where my path is heading for. I applied without thinking about the consequences, I always wanted to travel abroad get my independence but I am having second thoughts. I always have my yearly plan, I always lay down my cards and plan everything slowly, but recently I got careless and I lost track of my plan, and the end result is down side time.

So there, I need to move and get my crappy life back into pieces, running away from it is not the answer, but I believe that it is a new beginning. I will travel away from my family, alone and I am confident that when I get back here in the Philippines, I will still have my old self back, my old wonderful life again. The bliss that I’ve always enjoy!

I will take wonderful pictures, go beyond the limits, walk in the city lights of Bangkok, try to learn to speak Thai, eat healthy leafy foods, wash my clothes, be responsible, wake up early on my own, watch the sunsets in Bangkok, shop in Bangkok and work my ass off in a bustling city called Bangkok.


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  1. Jamillah says:

    STOP IT!!! Happy blog birthday!!! May you have many more 😀

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