Lifestyle Change? Oh yes.



I’ve been holding off my daily workouts lately because of my fever and I was asked to rest to let my cough and colds go away.  I’ve been pretty domesticated and cooking different kinds of recipes at home.  If you have been following my Instagram posts, I have bombarded it with a lot of healthy food posts specifically foods that were cooked by me.  Yes, I am definitely trying a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle now due to my Doctor’s order and still doing my yoga sessions in the morning.



No heavy workouts yet but just light exercise to keep my blood flowing and to keep me pump up every day.  Even though I am not yet in the long haul for my usual work out, nothing can stop me in training for the upcoming Justice League Race this September 26, 2015.  I am all set and ready to run.  I even got my race kit last Sunday, got my gears all set up especially I am so excited because I will be running in new sneakers, so if you are planning to stay fit never hesitate to make a  major overhaul with your diet and work out gears.  On top of that, don’t forget to treat your feet with sneakers from Zalora, they have a wide array of comfortable choices.  So why don’t you start the change in yourself and keep a healthy lifestyle all the way.  


Justice League Run in Cebu


Due to the success of the DC Comics All Star Fun Run at SM MOA last April 18, 2015, the organizer is bringing the said run this coming September 26, 2015 in Cebu City.

Calling all Cebuano runners and non-runners to take part of this fun event and be a Superhero for a day.  Enjoy wearing your favorite Superhero singlets upon registration and you can be whoever you want – Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman.  In addition, participants will get a DC Justice League Sling bag, sponsor’s freebies and a Justice League medal.


You may register personally at any Chris Sports Outlet in SM City Cebu or Ayala Center Cebu.


Or you may register online at by following the details below.





Join now and let us be our favorite superhero for a day. :)



During the Press Launch of the DC Justice League Run.

Marry someone who… (The Ruins)











Marry someone who was never your type.

Marry someone who makes you smile for no reason.

Marry someone who checks up on you even if you haven’t checked up on him the entire day.  

Marry someone who let’s you have that last piece of fries or slice.  

Marry someone who laughs at your joke and who kisses your hand in any day.  

Marry someone who can watch Disney movies, girly flick, cheesy movies with you.  

Marry someone who is proud to have you.  

Marry someone who you can tell everything at the end of the day.  

Marry someone who you can cry on if you’re pissed, lonely or sad.  

Marry someone who isn’t afraid to show you off in public and holds you tightly showing to the world how lucky he is to have you.  

Marry someone who lets you pick out his clothes and style him for occasions.  

Marry someone who you can spend shopping at the mall without him complaining of being bored.  

Marry someone who wraps you up at night when you sleep.  

Marry someone who accepts your fears and phobias.  

Marry someone who gives you butterflies every time you hear his voice.  

Marry someone who washes the dishes for you, after cooking an entire meal for him.  

Marry someone who makes great coffee or tea for you.  

Marry someone who serves cute breakfast in bed.  

Marry someone who knows what food you are allergic to.  

Marry someone who doesn’t judge you when you eat your favorite two piece chicken meal or finish an entire pepperoni pizza.  

Marry someone who understands your independence and supports your dreams.  

Marry someone who gets along with your parents, brothers, cousins and friends.  

Marry someone who can keep you cool when you are mad or upset.  

Marry someone who wants you to be a better person.  

Marry someone who fears God.  

Marry someone who kisses you in the morning and says “You are beautiful” even if you haven’t wash your face yet.  

Marry someone who will protect you no matter what.

Marry someone who respects your freedom.

Marry someone who understands your weirdness.

Marry someone who can make you laugh and make you scream in bed.

Marry someone who builds his dreams and goals with you.  

Marry someone who keeps your heart beat fast.  

Marry someone you love.  

Marry your soulmate,

your lover,

your partner,

your team mate and

lastly your bestfriend.  

That is my I will be marrying you, J.

I love you.




All photos were taken at the Ruins during our Negros trip last June.  My Negros travel post will continue on my next blog post. :) 

Cool Summer


Signature Tree Travel Pose



Candid moments worth capturing…


and more cheezy moments with the Fiance…


my partner in crime Lovely


Negros has become a second home to me since I’ve traveled a lot here for the past year.  Being in a long distance relationship there are several things that you need to take into consideration.  Despite the fiance’s (eek cheesy) persistence, effort and time to travel to Cebu but once in a while there are just circumstances that I had to do my part in the relationship.  So when my friend Lovely had to attend a wedding in Sagay City, and I was traveling back to Negros then, we decided to open slots for our unplanned road trip.

It was never part of our plan to bring a car but I can’t go through the pain of traveling to Negros boarding from one bus to another.  So as early as 5 in the morning we were all set, the car was properly aligned and checked, the weather cooperated and we began our little journey to Negros.  Lovely, Francis and I are set to make great memories in Negros.
Fun jump shots
and the soul searching continues with Francis…
When we arrived at San Carlos City the fiance was already waiting for us, we decided to traversed through Don Salvador Benedicto Highway, it is located between the cities of Bacolod and San Carlos, where the climate, scenery, place and terrain is comparable to Tagaytay.  The fiance offered to visit several stops before reaching Bacolod, the long and winding road offers the best view of the mountanious area, of course what I love about the place is the vast presence of pine trees and it’s significant cool breeze and fresh air.  We enjoyed taking photos in the middle of the road, at the viewing deck overlooking the Malatan-og waterfalls, at the side of the road overlooking Mt. Kanlaon and many more short stops along the way.  As always I was the designated driver, I didn’t let Jul drive because I was being bossy that time and I wanted to reach Bacolod just in time.
that shout it out loud drama…
random crazy pose…
and the boys had their own crazy stunts too…
It was such a smooth sailing journey full of fun stops and crazy jump shots, of course there is always something new in store when you are with great set of crazy friends.  The level of insanity keeps the trip worth remembering.  I have to stop here, our food trips and what happened on our first night in Bacolod will be on my next blog post.  For now, enjoy the photos.  Ciao! Kisses.
Third wheel moments… Sorry Love.
the lovely view of Mt. Kanlaon
BTS of that “Keep moving forward” pose…
Travel Outfit details
Knitted cardigan: Zara
Dress turned into top: Forever21
Skirt: Forever21
Sandals: Ezra from Zalora PH
And lastly that mandatory group photo.

Sunday’s Laughter



It was a Sunday and I was all prepared for what to wear on an evening concert with my Mom and Lovely, unfortunately my Mom forgot where she put my dress.  I was about to lose my composure and throw in a mood but I kept cool and picked an old dress, matched it up with a blue skirt.  It wasn’t my best but I just needed something to wear to church.  When we arrived at Ayala, I told my mom I had to buy a new dress, she was like “WHAT!” I gave her my sarcastic look and she let me on the loose.

I had a dress in mind from People are People but as I passed by Zara, they were on Sale.  So I jump in to the fashion wagon and looked for the perfect style to match the jacket that I was wearing.  After 15-20 minutes of browsing and fitting different styles, I finally picked a gorgeous V-neck striped dress which perfectly fits my peach knitted blazer.
I know it was such an impulsive purchase but somehow I loved the dress even more.  It was an easy to wear Sunday dress which spells sophistication and comfort.  This look comprises the perfect length, chicness with a touch of  youthful vibe.
Dress: Zara
Jacket: Promod
Cut-out Heels: Follie
Structured Handbag: Parfois
 After church, my mom, Lovely and I had a sumptuous dinner at Oh George Cafe before we head off to the concert.  We had a blast laughing our asses out and I was trying to make sure not to fall down from my seat from extreme laughter.  The comedy concert was totally worth it, even if it was a target of controversy after the show.  Sometimes I wonder what goes through the mind of these highly moral and conservative people who can’t take a tiny green joke into a good one.  Geez people loosen up. Kisses.  Enjoy the photos.
Me, Lovely and Mom
We are a crazy bunch.
Mandatory Selfie.